All About Sons Of Toil

Sons of Toil is located out in Mt. Orab – near the edge of the Cincinnati beer scene. Being located on their own little “island” out there, it would be easy for them to play things safe, and create a simple brewery that didn’t push any boundaries – and yet that’s not at all who they are (but I’ll get more to their beers in a minute).

The brewery is founded on hard work and the idea that to be successful they need to give back to the land, and the community that allows them to exist. With a dedication to trying to source as much of their ingredients locally as possible, it’s easy to see that these guys know what it’s all about.

The name is inspired by a passage that they stumbled upon while reading about the history of Brown County – the passage again was about the hard work and sacrifice that founded the entire area. If you want to know more about these folks – you should probably head to their website, and even better – head to their taproom!

What To Expect From Sons Of Toil

As I mentioned before, it would have been easy for this brewery to play things safe, and not push any boundaries. What they ended up doing instead is creating a brewery that brews up some really great beer (and cider). We’re talking about modern “trendy” styles right alongside more traditional ones. They have created a real beer oasis in Mt. Orab, and something that isn’t just geared to locals, but for people to make a journey out for a destination as well.

The brewery building was built from the ground up, modeled like a bar it has a spacious interior with plenty of space to hang out with friends. Their outdoor space is massive, with plenty of patios and green space for enjoying the outdoors in the summertime with a beer in hand. It’s safe to say that they are most definitely family friendly… they are built for it!

The Complete Sons Of Toil Timeline

  • 9/22/17 – Sons of Toil hosts their grand opening celebration.
  • Fall, 2018 – The brewery adds on their first expansion to handle their growth.
  • Summer, 2021 – A small kitchen is added to Sons of Toil
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