All About Wooden Cask

As Randy Schiltz, one of the co-founders of one of Cincinnati’s OG breweries, Rivertown, parted ways with the business rumblings of what he would do next almost immediately started. As word of his new project started to slip out it became immediately clear that this would be a brewery unlike anything that Cincinnati had at the time. Focused on what the experience of drinking a beer “used” to be like… from old world styles to a pub-like atmosphere it has quickly created something that a lot of people have been wishing for.

The brewery doesn’t have a tap list full of trendy styles – but the drinkability and craftsmanship that go into their beer is immediately noticeable. Much needed, and much appreciated by this blogger in particular – Wooden Cask is an absolute treasure.

What’s Wooden Cask Like?

The taproom at Wooden Cask is full of warm, dim colors and comfortable seating. It’s the type of place that you want to spend a lot of time in with your friends. They have a killer lineup of really drinkable, flavorful beers that facilitate that nicely. If you have friends that aren’t beer drinkers, they’ll be happy to try the ciders that the brewery makes as well as a really spectacular bourbon selection, too.

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The Complete Wooden Cask Timeline

  • 11/2016 – Wooden Cask has its Grand Opening
  • January 2017 – The first bits of their beer head out to distribution in NKY
  • February 2017 – The patio outside opens
  • Summer, 2018 – Wooden Cask starts distributing their beer to Ohio through Adena Distribution, a new local company.
  • May 2020 – Wooden Cask opens its storefront at Newport on the Levee’s new Bridgeview Box Park.
  • September 2021 – Their Box Park taproom moves into a permanent Levee taproom location.