Rivertown WitBrewery- Rivertown
Beer- Wit Ale
ABV- 4.9%
IBU- 20

NOTE: This Beer has been retired from the line-up and replaced by ‘Nice Melons’

With a complex herbacious aroma to entice the nose and a rich, hazy, pour as bright as sunshine to captivate the eyes, Wit is brewed to engage all of the senses. Tantalizingly bright orangey-citrus notes backed up with just a zing of coriander dance atop the taste buds offering up the promise of a sun- sensational season.

Warm spring months are sure to bring a few things to my beer fridge that you won’t see as much in the colder months.  Pilsners, Fruit Beers, Super Hoppy IPAs and without a doubt Wheats and Wit Ales.  Rivertown Wit is a welcome addition to their line-up and an even more welcome addition to the fridge.

Available from Rivertown February through April this is always a welcome boost into my favorite time of year.

It pours a dark copper golden color with a big white head, and it assaults you with big fruity aromas from start to finish, crisp, clean and refreshing… this is delicious and I couldn’t imagine starting off a season without a few of these.  It fits into their new line-up of beers very well, with not many examples of it around town.

Definintely one that you need to check out!

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