Brewery- Rhinegeist
Beer- Cougar
ABV- 4.8%
IBU- 20

This bright blonde ale shines a brilliant malt character. Born of breezes, captured sunlight and whifle, this beer is a balanced yet dry siren whose first sip calls for the third. Hopped with arguable restraint with Crystal and Bravo hops, Cougar stays fierce enough to raise eyebrows yet is tame enough to be called sessionable.

Crisp and refreshing is the best way to describe the pale, clear yellow beer that is Cougar.  It has a bright white head on it that pushes the aromas of light honey to your nose.  A light hopping provides some notes of citrus to round out its flavor.  Rhinegeist has created a very nice beer that represents the great sessionable quality that many of their other brews seek to exemplify.

Try this one on a warm sunny day, sitting in the shade eating some grilled shrimp with friends… or drifting in a canoe down a river on a crisp spring day.  It’s a versatile beer, and one that newer fans of craft beer might find more palatable than Truth.

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