Wiedemann-LogoA Brief History Of Wiedemann
Wiedemann was founded in 1870 in Newport, Kentucky and became a staple around town. Ask anyone from the area and they will likely be familiar with the name. They might have even known one of the 800 workers that was there in the 60’s. The company was sold and operations were moved to Pittsburgh in 1983. It was then that Wiedemann took what most would consider a nose dive in quality. The name took as big of a hit as the beer did and brought on what many considered the death of something special to Newport.

The Revival
The new millennium saw the previous owners letting the trademark expire with no desire to continue the brand. This is also when Jon and Betsy Newberry enter the picture. With a desire to restore the name and the beer to something that Northern Kentucky could be proud of they purchased the brand in 2012. Their intent was to bring this Kentucky staple back home. In July of 2012 their dream became a reality, with their special lager rolling out around town. People started to see that this was something new. A new delicious bohemian beer with a nod to the brewery’s past.

Wiedemann’s story reminds me of the return of Moerlein to Cincinnati. A Brewery with owners who love the brand for the memories that it brings to anyone from the area. They are just as determined now to bring it home as they were when they bought the company.

The Wiedemann’s Of A New Generation
The time has come, finally. Plans are well underway for The George Weidemann Brewing Company to open shop in Newport’s Watertower Square this spring. The space is planned to be 9000 square feet, and according to them will feature around a dozen or so beers at opening. Most of the production brewing will still take place in Stevens Point Wisconsin.

The brewery will feature an onsite taproom and beer garden, and will feature simple food such as pretzels and cheese, but will most definitely not be a restaurant.

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