If you are a regular reader of Cincinnati beer news you have no doubt started to hear the buzz about Braxton Brewing Company from Beer Mumbo, or Brew Professor.  Braxton is starting to generate quite a bit of hype for a couple different reasons.

  • A brew team that is second to none, they have Evan Rouse and Richard Dubé along with home brewing masterminds Dave Dixon and Mike Roszkowski.
  • A “taproom” of the future.  This remains to be seen exactly all the different ways that the brewery will be using technology to unite it’s drinkers with information that they crave, but they are saying that their mobile app will change the way you interact with your brewery.  The potential here is endless… interactive displays… interactive bar tops?  There is a lot here they aren’t telling us yet, but rest assured they are doing something exciting.
  • Braxton Builders… let’s talk about that.

Braxton Brewing recently held an event to update the city on where they sit with progress on the brewery, and of the many exciting things they shared with us, their Braxton Builders program generated a couple groans, and a few confused looks when they announced it.

Unlike the Kickstarter campaigns that some other breweries have started recently, Braxton’s is designed to be different.  Try not to think of the program as funding the brewery, it’s more of a “mug club” of sorts.  The brewery is going to open whether they reach their funding goal or not.  The Kickstarter is a way for you as a fan to distinguish yourself from the average drinker at the bar.  The program will enable you to really become part of the brewery, and part of the team that makes decisions, along with getting you some cool brewery swag.

I think the biggest thing that should get you excited about Braxton Brewing Company is that they are truly “One of a Kind”, something different…something exciting.  Keep your ears to your social media platforms… keep checking back here to the blog for more information… there’s a lot coming.

Until you can sit in their taproom and see what they have in store for you, #LiftOneToLife…

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