It’s been exciting this week with all the news of brewing operations kicking off at Braxton and Urban Artifact. With all the big kettles heating up around Cincinnati it’s easy to overlook the little guys that are working their hops off to get brewing.  Slipping in under the radar on Friday, Fibonacci’s new l.e.d. sign was installed at their brewery.

Fibonnaci Brewing Company SignFibonnaci Brewing Company

They’ve been working non stop to get the building ready as soon as possible, with flooring ready to be laid very soon and the rest of the brewing equipment being delivered as early as this month.

You might have read some more details about how Fibonacci Brewing is going to separate themselves from the other guys around town… Wine.  In addition to brewing beer you can expect to have homemade wine rolling out the doors when Fibonacci finally opens them to the public this year.

The success of their nano brothers over at DogBerry has been carefully watched by FIbonacci,  with them deciding that they will start with only being open on Sunday’s until they are sure they can handle the amount of beer that will need to be brewed.

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