Great Crescent Dark LagerBrewery- Great Crescent
Beer- Dark Lager
ABV- 5.7%
IBU- 23

Great Crescent Dark Lager is a present day interpretation of a beer identified as the first commercial beer in Indiana. A blend of North American malts and hops creates a rich and roasty flavor profile. This is an all American brew showcasing Cluster hops; the original American hops with a history all the way back to the 1600’s.

I’m a sucker for lagers… I’ll admit it out loud.  I love ’em.  This one pours a dark mahogany color with a thin off white head.  It’s body isn’t as clear as what we are used to with our light American lagers that we have been bombarded with throughout our lives…but that isn’t a bad thing!

The nose of the beer brings delicious aromas toasted bread with some sweet dark fruit in the background.  There is some earthiness here which I really enjoy.

The taste of the beer is nothing that is going to offend anyone who isn’t a “craft beer geek” but at the same time it will satisfy those who might be.  This has a nice full body and a big bready flavor that I really like.  Great beer from Great Crescent!

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