Ei8ht Ball BeerNow that the proverbial ball is rolling down at Ei8ht Ball, it should be of no surprise that we’ll start seeing labels come through the approval system for cans that they may or may not be putting out into the market.  I wrote about their canning operation first back in the spring, so if you missed that you can head over here and read about it.  They have a whole treasure trove of beer labels approved and ready to go.

You can chalk one more up to the count… we won’t get into the “is it too early for pumpkin beer?” debate here…but that’s just what it is.  Their pumpkin beer called “Sell Out”.

Sell out clocks in at 7.5% ABV and should be available at the taproom pretty soon the way the pumpkin beers are rolling out these days.

Keep your eyes open at your local bottle shop, or online at Ei8ht Ball’s Facebook or Twitter for these cans, but keep in mind… just because they’re legally allowed to put it out into market now, doesn’t mean they will!


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