HarrowUrban Artifact is doing some really fun stuff in their Northside brewery.  They are they guys that are putting out all tart and wild beers for Cincinnati beer fans, and are doing it very well in my opinion!  They have had some really great releases every Tuesday as part of an event that they are calling #TapTuesday which gives anyone who ventures down to the brewery on a tuesday evening a first crack at some really exciting new tap releases in the their church basement taproom.

One of their popular beers, and one of my favorites that they are brewing (who am I kidding… I like them all) is their Gose called Harrow.  I’ve heard from many people that Gose is going to be the new “thing”, and it’s hard to argue with this logic considering some of the great ones that are around town…but some of the infusions that Urban Artifact has done in their’s are downright fantastic!  They’ve done things including:

  • Keypunch – Their Gose infused with KeyLimes (I love this one, btw…)
  • Keypunch with vanilla added
  • Cabalito – Gose aged on tequila staves
  • An Orange/Vanilla infusion
  • An Orange/Vanilla/Sasparilla infusion

All really good stuff…right?  Well… they’ve got another one ready to launch down your throat this week when they are tapping their 25th beer.  That’s right, in only four months, they have cranked out 25 different  beers that are all pretty “Different” than what anyone else is doing locally.  Gold star in my book.

This Tuesday you can get your hands on Harrow infused with ginger, and although I haven’t tried it I can only imagine the flavor of ginger, which is usually fresh, biting and sweet will play fabulously with the tart refreshing Harrow wonderfully!

So… Get down to Urban Artifact this Tuesday, they open at 4 and will pour it until it’s all gone!

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