Why is a craft beer podcast doing a “LIVE” program at a Cigar Festival? Because two of the hosts of said craft beer podcast are also cigar ‘junkies’, that’s why! Add to that the fact that when it comes to food, beer, hot sauce and more, Jungle Jim’s ALWAYS knocks festivals out of the park, you begin to understand why Cincy Brewcast had to be involved with JJ’s Inaugural Cigar Festival. After being invited by, Lee Weisser, JJ’s Fairfield Humidor Manager, we just happened to run into Tom Lazuka, the “L” in CLE Cigars and driving force behind the fast-growing Asylum cigar brand. THEN, Tom breaks out the new, limited-edition Asylum/New Holland Dragon’s Milk barrel-aged cigar for us to taste, and, well, the rest is on the podcast! We discuss the cigar industry in-depth with Tom and Lee; the legal and regulatory battle the premium cigar industry faces that threatens it’s very survival, the impact of the possible influx of Cuban brands into the marketplace, the changing and sophisticated palate of the American cigar smoker, compare the craft beer market/consumer to those of the Premium Cigar market, and so much more! To our hard-core craft beer fans, we apologize–and assure you we’ll be back next week with our normal format–but give a couple of craft-beer loving cigar lovers a break one time, will, ya? And for those of you who love a tasty Puro with your favorite IPA, Stout, craft bourbon or morning coffee, you’re in for an awesome show!

Guests This Week

  • Lee Wiessmann – Jungle Jims
  • Tom Lazuka – CLE Asylum

From The Beer Fridge

  • Yuengling – Black and Tan

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