I try to always remind everyone… so don’t get all worked up, but just because this new label exists doesn’t mean that this beer is going to be on your shelf next week…if ever.  There are many times that a brewery will push labels through the approval process just to make sure that they have their options open when/if they are ready to send the beer out their doors.


I have a love for the English Mild Style, that I’m not ashamed to put in writing for the world to see.  This new label represents Ei8ht Ball’s version of the style, which clocks in at 6% abv, which puts it more in line with an English Brown ale.  This beer is still light enough to not knock you on your butt, but has a full bodied flavor full of earthy, nutty character that I cannot hide my love for.  This is a beer that will have a coveted space in my beer fridge when (if) we see it in local bottle shop coolers.

The Can Series

The Ei8ht Ball can series is really starting to fill out now, with Queen being their 6th label approved so far.  The series has started with Prodigal, their single hop pale ale being thrust upon Cincinnati, and almost immediately being drank up.  It goes without saying that this city is thirsting for as much Ei8ht Ball as the brewery can fire out in cans.  When I first talked about the series, I knew it would be popular, but the excitement has exceeded even my “fan boy” expectations.

The brewery is determined to maintain the highest quality of their product with their move into packaging, they have made the pledge that they will only sell their beer to establishments to promise to keep the product cold and protected, to maintain this standard.  It’s a move that is appreciated by many “better beer drinkers”, even if it makes the product a little harder to find than others might be.

Ei8ht Ball Queen Label

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