If you missed last week’s Tap Tuesday, and haven’t been down to the Northside brewery in the week since, you’re missing out on something pretty fantastic.  Last week, they tapped their newest wild beer, called Hearth, which you might have read about from Jesse Folk on WCPO (This is an “insider” link, so you won’t be able to read it all unless you subscribe…sorry.)  Here’s the specifics:

  • 5.78% ABV – Drink a couple…it won’t knock you out.
  • PH 4.3% – It’s more funky than tart… in case you aren’t a fan of sour beers.
  • English Base Malt
  • Roasted Malt
  • Lots of Oats
  • Belgian and Wild Yeast

This might even be my favorite beer that they have done to date…although the Keypunch is pretty fantastic too… It’s exactly what my mind thinks of when I start to think of what a wild beer “should” taste like.  This beer taste like the outdoors, that’s the best I can describe it as.  It’s smooth, easy drinking, and is full of fruity and earthy flavors.  The wild yeast that the brewers used dried the beer out a bit, and contributed to that earthiness that I evidently love.

You should see this around town starting this week…but there’s another reason you should make the trip down to the source…

FuzzyLogicFuzzy Logic

Fuzzy logic might not be a new beer… all fresh and shiny like Hearth is, but they are putting a great spin on it this week for #TapTuesday.  It’s always a fun experiment to me to take a beer that I know and love, and change things up.  I like exploring a beer in different ways.  This week they are going to be serving their Fuzzy Logic on both Nitro and CO2, giving you the opportunity to see how the carbonation levels really can impact the beer itself.  It’s especially interesting with something that uses wild yeast like this beer does.

Fuzzy Logic is a close cousin to their Hearth… only a little fruitier approach to wild vs the earthy approach that you get from Hearth.  It will be fun to have this trio of taps on to drink next to each other.

What’s Coming From Urban Artifact?

Since I have you here, I might as well let you know some of the stuff that I’ve been hearing from this exciting new brewery… They’ve let us know that they have partnered up with Ohio Valley Hops for a great fresh hop beer which should be out “In the next few weeks” – They have their first IPA on tap right now with Hippodrome, and judging by how delicious it is, and how well the wild yeast plays with the hops, this should be pretty tasty, and something a bit different from what else is going on around town.

They have also made some plans (which I’m not sure if they want talked about yet so I’m going to hold off on specifics still) to resurrect some old styles that not many people are doing.  I cannot wait to see how they tackle this, and what it all entails, so stay tuned for some detailed stuff in the future about this project as well.  At Urban Artifact new beer is part of their culture… you can be sure that there will be some exciting things to come out of this clever brewery operation.

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