Rhinegeist FictionBrewery- Rhinegeist
Beer- Fiction
ABV- 6%
IBU- 40

Dry hopped with New Zealand hops and fermented with Belgian yeast this Extra Pale Ale sizzles with an intense bouquet of lychee, kiwi and citrus and beams with acidity. A delicious conundrum

A delicious game of fruity esters from a Belgian yeast and fruity aromas from the hops, this is a beer that screams for sitting outside on a sunny day and drinking a few.

This beer has an aromas that makes me think of a light fruit cocktail, but up on the first sip I’m always surprised by the nice heavier than expected body it has.  This is a beer that is meant to be savored, an art in letting yeast and hops play with each other, one boosting the potential of the other.  Grab some of these when it’s available and fill your cooler!

Rhinegeist Fiction

Rhinegeist Fiction

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