If you’re a reader of this site, you might know a thing or two about being Gnarly… It’s about drinking local, not because you have to – but because finally… FINALLY we can drink locally again.  There are places where local beer has been missing for decades that are staring to think and act a little more Gnarly too that I like to latch onto from time to time, our local German Festivals being one of the most exciting.

Let’s Look To Germany…

If you venture out to Oktoberfest in Munich, you’ll first notice one big thing about the beer selection… It’s all made in Munich.  You can use this fact to say that an authentic German festival here in Cincinnati should only have German beer, but I think there is a better way for us to start looking at it!

I wouldn’t ever argue that a German festival shouldn’t have German beer… Hell, that’s one of the times you are likely to see me sipping on something imported.  But I will make the point that it makes perfect sense to see local beer taps perched right next to German beer taps, and that might be the most “authentically German” thing that we can start doing more often.  If a German festival (in Germany) features beer that is made locally… Why wouldn’t we take a page from their book and do that here with our own German festivals?

Cincinnati’s Christian Moerlein looks like they might be thinking along the same lines that I am.

Getting It Local

You might have seen (or tasted) the Schutzenfest Kolsch that resulted from the collaboration between the Kolping Society and Christian Moerlein recently.  It’s starting to look like that beer might have only been the start of a wonderful partnership between our protectors of German Heritage and Christian Moerlein Brewing – the resurrector of many of our traditional historic breweries.  I can only hope that we see a lot more of not only Moerlein, but all of our local breweries embracing the idea of combining our heritage with our future!

For this year’s Schwabenfest at the Donauschwaben Society, you’ll now find Moerlein beer (and cider) alongside the staples that you’ve come to love as well.  The whole thing kicks off with a ceremonial keg tapping before the Ox roast – which I suppose needs to be shared as well so you can get a good picture of what Schwabenfest sound like.

The Schwabenfest

This year’s Schwabenfest is scheduled for June 10th and 11th.  It goes from 6pm to Midnight on Friday and from 1pm to Midnight on Saturday.

Envision an Oktoberfest, park like atmosphere with live entertainment provided by the Donauschwaben dancers, stein holding contests, live music…and the ox roast.  The ox roast is the only time in the Cincinnati area that you’ll find an authentic full ox roast.  They’ve got the massive 750 pound ox roasting on a spit in a contraption lovingly called the locomobile.  All topped off by beer, a ton of beer.

The Cincinnati Donauschwaben Society is located in Colerain Twp, off Colerain ave (behind Lowes) and if you have yet to attend…this might be the best chance yet!

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