Brewery- Taft’s Ale House
Beer- Culebra Cut Coconut Brown Ale
Style- Brown Ale with Toasted Coconut
ABV- 6.1%
IBU- 12

American brown ale infused with toasted coconut. A taste of the tropics.

This was such a big hit when it was on tap when Taft’s Ale House opened their doors that they not only brought it back for us to enjoy, but they brought it back and put it in beer cans for us to fill our summertime fridge space with.  Big thanks from me for that!  I also have to give a shout out to them for creating some really great artwork for this.  It’s a picture of Taft himself, clothed in a suit and then split with him donning his best swimming attire.  Perfect for a beer that sits right on the edge of being refined and classy and fun and free.

This beer also gets the honor of being what I consider the single best local beer to pair up with a cigar.  The sweet coconut flavor swirls with the sweet notes of tobacco, and the two intermingle into a fantastic summery flavor that makes my mouth water even thinking about it.  If you’ve never tried these together – you’re missing out on one of this beers best sides of it’s personality.

My Thoughts On Taft’s Ale House Culebra Cut

Nice, brown with deep ruby highlights – and a small off white head.  Culebra Cut is a really pretty beer to look at.  The head coats the side of the glass in a thick, creamy, foamy lace.

But the warm coconut aromas that rise from the depths of your glass are where this beer really shines.  Its a balance of toasty coconut and a light breadiness that makes my mouth water in literal anticipation.

The flavor of the beer continues right on the trend that you’d expect it to, lots of warm toastiness and an underlying sweetness from the coconut.  One thing that I love is that it’s not at all overdone in the coconut flavor.  Kissed with just enough that you can certainly call it a “coconut beer” but not enough that it overwhelms the palate as you drink it.  Just great beer… it’s exactly how you do a summer beer in a darker than typical package.  Awesome!


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