Setting up shop in the corner of Rivertown Brewing Company’s taproom, this show saw us sitting down with Lindsay Roeper to talk about a lot of different topics that involve the very busy Cincinnati Brewery.

Of course, we talked about the 100% Brett Fermented Night Marcher, a tiki lover’s dream of a beer.  It’s packed full of tropical fruit and spices and is definitely a beer that while absolutely delicious fresh is going to be one that I’ll curiously watch in the beer cellar for a long time to come.

We talked to Lindsay about some of the fun things that are on the schedule for the remainder of the year, and even got a sneak peek at a big thing on the schedule… Rivertown’s first cider!  Tequilana will be hitting shelves and tap handles soon and we got to meet her for the first time ever.  If you couple their refocus into the sour game with the new products that they’re putting out it’s hard to imagine what this brewery will be doing once their new brewery up in Monroe is finished being built.

Things are looking bright in the future of Rivertown – and it was a thrilling show to get a tiny little peek into that world!

Guests This Week

  • Lindsay Roeper – Rivertown Brewing Company
  • Josh Engel – Raging Hop

From The Beer Fridge

  • Rivertown – Night Marcher

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