Mt Carmel Ted's Original AleBrewery- Mt. Carmel Brewing Company
Beer- Ted’s Original Ale
Style- Amber Ale
ABV- 5%

We love beer.  We drink beer.  We make beer.  Amen.  Just say, “Gimmie a Ted!” – This very bottle of beer has been waiting it’s entire life just for you.  Lucky, lucky, you.  In 1951 – New House: $9,000 – Average wage: $3,510 – Gallon of gas: $.19 – New car: $1,500 – Loaf of bread: $.16 – Dozen eggs: $.24 – Ted & Matula Gregory buy McCabe’s Inn in Montgomery, Ohio and rechristin it the Montgomery Inn.  Thanks, Ted!

If you remember back a few years, there was a beer on tap at Montgomery Inn that they called Ted’s Pale Ale.  This is most certainly not that beer.  That beer (brewed by Leinenkugel’s) can’t even hold a flame to what is going on with this one.

Brewed exclusively by Mt Carmel Brewing Company to honor the legendary Montgomery restaurant, this Amber Ale isn’t a rebranding of their now famous Amber Ale either,  it’s a completely new recipe formulated not just to honor the restaurant, but…  I’ll be damned if this doesn’t pair near perfectly with Barbecue as well (of course)!

My Take On Mt Carmel Ted’s Original Ale

This pours a very nice dark amber color, with a big foamy, thick head on it.  Off the top you can catch lots of bready malt aromas and a hint of some sticky pine needles as well.

This is a great flavored Amber Ale, with enough malt presence to fill the flavor out with breadiness but right at the end there is a nice bite from the piney hops to leave the palate feeling very clean and refreshed.

Of course… you’re at Montgomery Inn so you can’t think of this as anything other than a companion to some great barbecue – and it does it’s pairing job very well – pulling out all the sweet molasses flavors from the Barbecue sauce while still being refreshing and not getting lost in the shuffle.

Ted's Original Ale Label

Ted's Original Ale

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