Rhinegeist-LogoIt was starting to seem like Rhinegeist was comfortable with their can lineup for a while.  Bottles seemed to be all we were getting front the brewery as far as new releases go.  Then almost as soon as that thought entered my brain, sort of like they were listening ot my thoughts – Rhinegeist starts throwing more cans our way with Peach Dodo, Streaker  and Hugh.

And now… we might have more on the way!

As I’m sure you’re fairly used to at this point – I have to give you my standard disclaimer: These are just approvals.  That only means that the brewery can release these… not that they will – nor does it give us any idea when they will.

Let’s talk then… shall we?


First up is Hans.  Don’t get him confused with his German brother Franz.  This is a Vienna style Lager that is a little more traditional than the Oktoberfest style Ale that the brewery releases each fall.  From the can:

This Vienna style Lager shines with soft and clean toasted bread notes.  Light filters into a tree-line courtyard, somewhere in the distance classical music can be heard.  Queitly, Hans types his scribbled notes into a manuscript, pausing to adjust his wire-rimmed glasses and take a sip of his lager, he smiles.

The beer comes in at 4.8% ABV and 23 IBUs – easy drinking, mild and flavorful.  I can’t wait to hopefully see this in my fridge!

Rhinegeist - Hans


Let’s talk about the beer first.  If it sounds familiar it’s because we just saw it in 22oz rarity bottles a little while back.  It seems like if cans are being considered, it must have been a hit!  It reads:

Fiction’s cousin, this Belgian Style XPA showcases modern German varietals of Hallertau Blanc and Huell Melon to deliver notes of honeydew melon, honeysuckle, & light tropical fruit.  Fluxion spins out these dynamic aromatics at terminal velocity along the hop tangent.

It’s a 6% Pale ale at 40 IBUs.  I have a theory when we’re going to possibly see this one… after all, it was just this last summer that Rhinegeist announced their new ‘Power Pale Series’ – which is (so far) made up of three seasonal beers, a summer release, a fall release and a winter release.  Could this one fill up the space left for the spring?  Hmmmm…

Rhinegeist Fluxion

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