TinyFiftyWestWhenever a brewery celebrates an anniversary, it usually means good things for us drinkers.  We get all kinds of fun beer releases or tappings, all held at some of my favorite parties that happen around town.  Lucky then for us, Fifty West is getting ready to celebrate their 4th year milestone this month, and to celebrate they are releasing two of their biggest award winning beers in packaging for us to take home.

The party also marks the launch of their Christmas gift packages – so you can always use the excuse that you’re going to go do some Christmas shopping when you’re explaining to your significant other why you need to go.  Let’s talk about the real reason that you’re going, though.

The Bottle Release

It’s been a big competition year for Fifty West, and what better way to celebrate that then by releasing those award winning beers to their adoring fans?

Both of these beers are being released in 12oz bottles – the 10&2 will be 6.99 a piece with a limit of 4, while the Going Plaid is going to be 2.99 a piece, also with a limit of 4.  The release starts at 11am on November 26th, so if you’ve got family still in town for Thanksgiving, load them into your minivan and show them what Cincinnati beer is all about!

Let’s take a look at each of them:

Barrel Aged 10&2Barrel Aged 10&2 Barleywine

This beer is an exploration in all directions.  The flavors steer towards red licorice, oak, vanilla, and cherry notes derived from the barrel that is was aged in over the last year.  Fasten up and enjoy the trip.

This beer is fantastic, and only gets better with a little bit of time in the cellar. There is absolutely no mistaking why this one walked away from the 2016 World Beer Cup with a gold medal!

Fifty West Going PlaidGoing Plaid

Fermented at a cooler temperature to ensure a smoother brew, this GABF award winning Scotch Ale pours a dark honey color.  Expect a fruity apple and pear aroma followed by a malt-forward flavor of juicy fresh plums.

I’m in love with these cartoony Fifty West labels on their bottles, like the one they use for ‘Punch You In The EyePA’ – but the real treat is what’s inside.  Scotch Ales don’t always get the respect that they deserve, though I suppose it’s hard to say that about this gem that came home with a bronze medal from GABF this year.  One taste of this sweet, smooth beer will win your heart over for sure!

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