I don’t know how closely everyone follows the social media of our local breweries, but Taft’s Ale House let this nugget slip last week – Liquid Advent is coming back!  This is fantastic news, as this beer is one of my favorites from the OTR brewery, and I’ve been patiently waiting for its hopeful return ever since I finished my last can of it early this year.

Taft's Liquid AdventAbout Liquid Advent

You could just jump over and read my tasking notes of this beer from last year, but if I’m going to be honest with you, after giving it a quick read while writing this post – it doesn’t even begin to wrap this beer up into a neat little tasty package.  I suppose that’s yet another reason that I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it again.

It deserves a proper tasting note!  This beer is awesome.  It’s a balance of Chocolate, and cinnamon with just enough sweetness to balance out the chili peppers that are hidden away in the backend of it.  This is how you do a Christmas beer!

Packaged in one of the neatest cans that you’ll find around town, you should pick up a four pack even if only make sure you save one for the collection.

The Release

If you find yourself out shopping (or out drinking) on Black Friday, make sure you work your way down to Taft’s Ale House at 11am.  They’re releasing Liquid Advent in its signature 4 packs (and I assume on tap as well) for your post Thanksgiving sipping.

Stock up on this, folks.  I can’t even explain how much your guests will love you around the holidays when you serve a big snifter full of this delicious beer at your holiday parties this year.

Oh… and stay tuned of course for my updated tasting notes this year!

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