There’s a little brewery that sits in OTR that everyone seems to chatter about a little bit, called Rhinegeist.  It seems crazy that it’s taken until the end of Volume 2 to finally sit down and chat with the brewery that is poised to become one of the biggest brewery’s in the country, and certainly one of the most talked about here in Cincinnati.

I was joined by Jim Matt to talk about all things Rhinegeist, but I really wanted to dig into their brewing style and the rumor that all they brew is IPAs and Pale Ales.  Why is that the complaint that everyone has, and is it even a complaint at all?  We dug into Jim’s backstory a little bit, and explored how exactly he ended up here with a career that started in a completely different industry.  Most importantly we explored how Rhinegeist plans to keep growing at this insane pace, while still staying true to the roots that make them so popular with their fans here in town.

Guests This Week

  • Jim Matt – Rhinegeist

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