TinyMunicipalLogoI was talking to someone the other day about all the new breweries opening up around town, and asking what places they had been to, versus the ones they hadn’t.  When I brought up Municipal Brew Works I was surprised to hear that evidently people don’t think they are putting out enough “new beers”.

Evidently, what I’m learning about us craft beer drinkers is that we’re fickle… we get bored easily.  We want a new tap every time we sit down at a brewery.  It’s not a bad thing… it keeps things exciting I suppose.  However… it’s often easy for all the new stuff happening around town to get lost in the shuffle sometimes.  Luckily for this guy I was talking to, I happen to know that not only has Municpal been pushing out new taps extremely fast lately – they’ve got two more for me to talk about.

Remember less than a month ago when I told you about the Duelist, and then it’s Blackberry variant that were tapped… if you still haven’t been out there to try those, you’ve got a couple more reasons to do so this week, I guess.

True West Coffee Porter

I love this.  Certainly it’s not the first coffee porter to be brewed in Cincinnati, but I love that the brewery turned to their fellow Hamiltonian’s at True West to make this one happen.

They used a cold brewed house blend from the coffee house, and infused it into their Midnight Cut Porter.

The nose of the beer is like a fresh brewed pot of coffee, while the middle pulls out the character of the porter giving the finish a decadent Mocha flavor.  Deep and rich…this beer sounds right up my alley as the temperature plummets this week.

It goes on tap this Wednesday, and they are serving it with Almond Twists from a local Hamilton bakery called The Almond Sisters.

Free City Ale

If you aren’t as versed in Latin as some people are (I had no idea…) Municipal translates out to ‘Free City’. This beer is an experiential ale, not really fitting into any particular category… other than the category of “drinkable” that fans of Municipal Brewing Company’s beers have come to love.

It’s got a sweet malty start, and the color of an amber ale…yet the sweetness quickly yields to a short hoppy bite that is simliar to a harvest ale.  Overall, it stays light and balanced like an ESB, but it doesn’t use any of the traditional ingredients that the style does.

What style is it?  Who knows?  Get you one and make your mind up for yourself, it’s on tap now.  This is a really interesting experiment and I’m told that there is a good possibility that it might make it onto the regular rotation due to the balance and drinkability that it provides.

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