boulder-pulpfusionBrewery – Boulder Beer
Beer – Pulp Fusion
Style – Fruited IPA
ABV – 6.5%
IBUs – 52

Pulp Fusion Blood Orange IPA blends the beauty of an IPA with the vibrant citrus flavor from the juice of blood oranges.  It shines with a bright golden color and finishes smooth without lingering bitterness.  This commingling of aromatic hops and zesty blood oranges is a blood bath of citrus flavor! Paris well with a Royale with Cheese.

You might say the Boulder is jumping on the fruited IPA bandwagon with this release, but the boom in popularity that this once seasonal offering had when it came out sort of speaks for itself.  It was very quickly (somewhere around 3 months after it’s debut) moved into the regular lineup.

The beer uses a malt base of Pale, Wheat and Caramel malts to build a clean refreshing palate to display the Centennial, Cascade and Glacier hops along (of course) with the addition of Blood Orange Juice.

Boulder Beer has been around for what seems like forever (they were founded in 1979), but this beer shows their ability to  adjust to the changing trends in craft beer to keep themselves relevant.

My Thoughts on Boulder Beer Pulp Fusion

Bright clear in it’s glass, this beer boasts a thick, but short white head on top.

Aromas are sweet blood oranges with a kis

of citrusy hops.  Its a fresh, summery sort of aroma, nothing that is too overpowering.

Flavor is light, but fun.  Instead of letting the juice become overpowering, this takes a different approach to the fruited IPA.  The beer is crisp, and lighter, with the hops still taking an important role in the flavor profile.









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