Ok, so it’s not really that ‘Super Secret’ anymore, but the latest beer being tapped by the Mt. Healthy Nano Brewery certainly sounds delicious still, if that counts for anything.

The brewery is kicking off their new series of Employee collaboration beers with the tapping of SuSe Belgian IPA this Friday 1/20 at 4pm.  There will be several more beers inspired by the brewery’s taproom employees coming in the near future, but for now – we should talk about this one.

About Suse

I first heard about SuSe on a ‘Name Tag’ Thursday, an event that isn’t even supposed to exist (you should ask about it the next time you’re there on a Thursday).  Bartender Chris Neumann, (you remember him from his big win at Fifty West’s Punch Out… right?) told me about a Super Secret collaboration beer he was working on, but he wouldn’t elaborate any farther.

Well, now we know that he was working with Bob Bollas on a Belgian IPA.  He came up with the name Super Secret while they were working on it to hide what he was doing from the other employees until they could come up with their collaboration beers.

The beer comes in at 5.9% ABV with a respectable 83 IBUs derived from its addition of Citra hops.  The Belgian Saison yeast should give the beer a slightly sweet and peppery finish that I anticipate will pair really nicely with the fresh citrus blast you get from the hops.

As for the name?  Super Secret doesn’t really work with the whole FIbonacci theme, luckily they figured out that they could abbreviate Super Secret to SuSe and it would still apply to their nature/science naming scheme because of some sort of Linux enterprise server thing.  I have no idea what that means… but I’ll accept it!

I can’t wait to try this one!

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