Brewery – Listermann
Beer – Brass Monkey Junkie
Style – NE IPA
ABV – 7%

East Coast IPA brewed with Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin, and Mosaic, with Mangos Added.

Of course Listermann had to make a variant of their first can released beer.  They wouldn’t be them if they did things differently.  Brass Monkey Junkie is a hazy, fruity, NE style IPA, and it’s clear to see why the line for cans stretched down the street on release day.  This beer is good.  Mangos – because how do you take the fruitiness of Galaxy, Nelson and Mosaic and kick it straight into orbit?  Mangos.  I love it.

My Thoughts On Listermann Brass Monkey Junkie

This follows along the same lines as the regular brass monkey, but adds a whole other big fruity layer to it all with the mangos.

It’s soft mouthfeel only lets the fruitiness stand out even more – this is a beer that gets people excited for a lot of different reasons, but the biggest one is that it’s freaking delicous.  If you weren’t one of the legion of people that got to try it on release day, or got your cans – start crossing your fingers for it’s return… because it’s amazing.

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