Taft’s hasn’t released a ton of packaging here in town (yet) due to their restricted size in their brewpub location.  I think that this year you’re going to start seeing a lot more from them as their new Production facility comes on-line, and starts kicking out more beer than you can shake a stick at!  Considering that’s what they’ve told us, at least, it’s a safe bet.

Their new space will enable them to finally start distributing their beer across the whole state, which means cans… a lot more cans.

Kicking Things Off At The New Space

If you remember at the end of last year, Taft’s put together a voting system where you could go in the taproom and vote for what beer you wanted to see canned first at the new production space.  After a lengthy race, Gavel Banger jumped out and won the ‘election’.

Gavel Banger is an American IPA, which makes it no surprise that it pulled ahead of the other contestants to win the contest to be the first run on the new facility’s canning line.  We already know, then, that as soon as the new place get’s rolling, we’re going to see cans of that one.  Imagine my happy surprise then when I stumbled across this label!

27 Lager – More Cans?

So here we have another one… and an exciting one if you’re a lager lover like I am.  27 pils was first tapped for the Grand Opening of the brewery on April 27th, 2015.  The beer used all German Pilsner malt, and noble Tettnang hops to offer up an homage to the neighborhood, and their buildings German heritage.  It’s a throwback of sorts I suppose.  They’ve more recently done a beer called Labor and Thirst Lager, a Dortmunder style lager, which was a little less crisp and hoppy, with a nice minerally note to it… more traditional German lager happiness, which was a test batch for this beauty – called 27 Lager, which they’re tapping it at the brewpub on Friday, February 27th.

However – if you hadn’t put it together yet, this is a label for a can… and although Tafts is keeping mum about what beers we are going to see in cans year round, I’m making my guess at one of them.  Also… If you look at the text on the label, you’ll see one fun line of words tucked on the right side – “Brewed and Canned by Taft’s Brewing Company, 4831 Spring Grove Ave, Cincinnati Ohio.”  Yep, folks… looks like we might have found our second can to come out of the production facility!

When Can You Get The Cans?

I don’t know yet.  That’s the simple answer.  It’s a ton of work putting a new brewery online, although they seem to be right on schedule for a spring opening as far as I can tell right now.  As I usually tell you, just keep your eyes peeled right here, or to the brewery’s very own social media and you’ll get the most up to date status reports on how things are going.

Until then- hit up the brewpub to get a crack at the new Flagship lager, 27 Lager.

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