It’s hard to believe that Streetside is still “new”, with them only being open a few months.  They manage to give off an aura of a brewery that has been around forever, and I want to get to the bottom of how they manage to do that.  I sat down with Garrett, Kathie and Luke to talk about exactly what makes Streetside tick… of course, a crucial part of all that is the beer that they brew, so we had to drink a few of those too.

We tried everything from their NE IPAs that are getting so much local chatter, to a barrel-aged version of their Where’s Barb that won’t see the light of day until their first anniversary in late 2017.

We talked about the beers that they have, the beers that they are planning and how exactly they come up with their ideas in the first place.  They recently added hours to make Streetside even more of a co-working environment, and it brought a lot of discussion with Kathie about the philosophy of Streetside – what makes them the intersection of craft beer and community?  Great show?  Yeah… it was a great show.

Guests This Week

  • Garrett Hickey – Streetside Brewing Company
  • Kathie Hickey – Streetside Brewing Company
  • Luke Shropshire – Streetside Brewing Company

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