It’s a little misleading, and I wish that I had some more progress reports on the long awaited Alexandria Brewing Company.  The brewery is still working as hard as they can to get things finalized and to get working on their space – but as seems to be the way their stars keep aligning… their story includes a few more hurdles that they are working their way over.

Things aren’t all doom and gloom, though – thanks to their good friends at Darkness Brewing, they’ll soon be pouring a couple of beers for you to wet your whistle, and get a better look at what you’re waiting for.

The Kentucky Craft Bash

The folks from Alexandria Brewing Company will be setting up and pouring their beers at the Kentucky Craft Bash on Saturday, June 24th from 1pm-9pm down in Louisville.  I wouldn’t typically write about a beer festival that is happening in Louisville, but I love the guys and girls at both Darkness and Alexandria, and I feel like this is something that you need to know about.

The festival is at the Louisville Waterfront Park’s Festival Plaza – and if you’re able to make the drive down, make sure you’re sporting some Cincy Beer Swag, and say hi to any of the local folks you see there.  You have a couple different options for tickets:

Regular Tickets

  • Ticket Price $50
  • Entry at 1pm
  • collectible Cup
  • 15, 3oz pours

VIP Tickets

  • Ticket Price $75
  • Entry at 12pm
  • collectible Cup
  • Swag Bag
  • 15, 3oz pours

If the 15 pours aren’t enough, you will be able to purchase additional tasting tickets at the event as well.  If you’re looking for more information about the festival itself, you can check them out on Facebook, or get your tickets online as well.

What’s Pouring?

I know that there are a lot of you out there that are eager to get your hands on some of the stuff from Alexandria Brewing Company, and you’ll have the chance to try:

  • All Up In Your BerlinerWeiss – This beer is scheduled to be a regular beer on the taps once A.B.C. opens up.  The brewery admits that Berliners are sometimes referred to as “a gateway to sours”, but describes the beer as slightly tart, crisp and refreshing, with a burst of citrus and very drinkable.  Sounds pretty damn good to me, gateway or not!
  • Licking River Water –  I’ve been wanting to try this one ever since I first heard the brilliant name of Alexandria’s Black IPA.  They say that it’s as murky as the Licking River itself… sign me up.

Of Course, there are more than 30 different breweries that are pouring beer at the event – I should make sure to mention that of course there will be beers from Darkness Brewing Company there as well, as well as Braxton Brewing Company pouring alongside the great folks from Wooden Cask too.  Again… Please, Please PLEASE make sure to do your part in promoting Cincy Beer if you’re able to make it down – show them some love!

As For Alexandria…

Keep your eyes peeled for more information from these guys.  I know they’re busting their butts to bring craft beer to Alexandria, and it’s easy to say that they’re closer than ever – but it’s really true.  I know that especially for their Kickstarter Backers, it’s hard waiting sometimes, but I promise you the they are stand up guys, and wouldn’t drag this out if they didn’t have to.

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