FigLeaf Brewing Company isn’t even yet to their first anniversary, and they’re already poised to knock out a couple of their big goals in the near future.  The brewery which is located almost smack dab in between Cincinnati and Dayton is quickly finding not only ways to make themselves a destination for drinkers from both sides of our little “mini region”, but they’re also finding a great way to make sure that even if you’re not venturing out for the afternoon, you’ve got a great way to enjoy their beer when you’re at home.

Quit Your Wine-ing Non Beer Drinkers.

I know, I know… I feel your pain.  It’s downright cruel of us “beer people” to drag all you non beer drinkers on our excursions out to our local taprooms, and we try to convince you that the latest sour or saison will satisfy the same parts of your palate that your wine does… but it’s never the same, is it?

FigLeaf also understands the pain you’re feeling, and is looking to fix it in their taproom by offering up their own wine.

The time frame, and some of the details are still a little fuzzy – for now they’re only saying “near term” as far as a when – but the fact that we’ve got them talking about it means that you can start getting excited now.

That’s not all, though… I know that most of you here are beer drinkers, and thus will be excited about this part too – cans!

Cans! Figleaf Cans!

I LOVE being able to stock my fridge with beer easily from my local breweries.  FigLeaf understands, and is ready to meet those needs as well.

The brewery wasn’t shy from the get-go in telling us that they had plans to release cans sooner rather than later, and they weren’t kidding!  In fact, we’re going to see the first release from them on Saturday, June 17th in their taproom at noon.

They’re going to kick it off by releasing their Basmati Cream Ale in gorgeous yellow-orange cans adorned by the big FigLeaf logo.  The beer is easy drinking, smooth, and some might say a perfect summer sipper, so it makes a lot of sense that it’s what they’re leading off with.

Keep your eyes and your ears peeled, as things start picking up even more steam now at Figleaf, they’re going to have more things coming, including some barrel aged stuff that sounds absolutely fantastic!  Congrats, guys… and keep it up!

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