Things are heating up in the Cincinnati Brewing Community – and depending on how you count it by the end of this week we will have 42 breweries all doing their thing in every corner of the Greater Cincinnati area.  It’s truly a wonderful time to be a craft beer fan in this city.  You’ve probably head about the new Taft’s Brewing Company production facility (maybe you’ve even gotten the chance to sneak in during one of their soft opening days). We’ll call them number 41.  Number 42, though is one that you’ve probably not gotten the chance to experience (or read too much about, yet).

Beyond the sneak peek I gave you at the end of August, there is finally some details on their grand opening that you might be pretty interested in – especially if you call the Mason area home.  Let’s get to the good stuff, first… the Grand Opening!

Getting Your 16 Lots Fix!

Those of you who I have talked to that are excited about this place opening up will be really happy to hear that they are opening their doors at the end of this week.  If you’re not excited about it – well… you should be.  This place is making some fantastic beer, and will surprise a lot of people who aren’t expecting the first few batches from a new brewery to be this delicious.

Their doors will open for the general public this Friday, September 15th starting at 1pm.  The event (which they are calling Masontoberfest) should be an absolute blast, with the Mad Monks Pizza kitchen slinging some great food to keep you from getting too hungry!

The 16 Lots Beer Lineup

I touched on these a little bit when I last wrote about 16 Lots, but I wanted to get a few more of the details about each beer into your ears, so that you’ll be ready the first time you belly up to their bar.  The brewery will have a strong focus on their core beers, with these six styles always (or as close to always as possible) being on tap, and backed up by some seasonal and specialty releases.


This American Pale Ale is 5.6% ABV and 43 IBUs.  The brewrey’s description tells us a little bit about where the name comes from:

On JUne 1, 1803, William Mason decided to put down $1700 for the purchase of 640 acres between the Little Miami and Great Miami Rivers.  Seeing as this land became our city of Mason, Ohio, we’re glad he did.  More than two hundred years later, our 1803 American Pale Ale commemorates that momentous transaction.  Paying tribute with a fantastic citrus flavor and aroma to match, the 1803 is a historically delicious experience!


Homestead is an Amber Ale, and as one of the ones that I have gotten to try as of writing this, I can vouch for it… it’s sweet and delicious.  at 5% ABV and 21 IBUs, it’s a nice sessionable beer that should pair up really well with some pizza and an evening with friends.

The homesteaders who settled Mason, Ohio took a leap of faith in pursuit of a dream.  At 16 Lots we are following in their footsteps.  With this installment of our Flagship series, we raise a glass of the Homestead Amber in tribute.  This beer begins its trek with a sweet nuttiness and a hint of biscuit.  Smoothly meandering through raisins and prunes, the Homestead reaches the final destination with a perfect blend of caramel and toffee.  It’s good to be home!

Muddy Creek

Muddy Creek is an Oatmeal Stout, clocking in at 5.1% ABV and 36 IBUs.

Just as Mason’s earliest residents settled on the banks of the mighty Muddy Creek, we have settled on the name and style of this flagship beer.  Announcing the smooth and delicious Muddy Creek Oatmeal Stout.  Deep and dark, Muddy Creek has a silky feel as it flows from the glass.  A nutty aroma splashes over this stout, winding around to a flavorful flood of roasted oats, caramel, raisin, and chocolate.  We’ll keep this one rolling along.

The Major

I love Pilsner beer, and I think German Pilsner might sit a bit above their Czech counterparts just a hair for me.  If you remember all the way back to Volume 2, Episode 6 of Cincy Brewcast where we rolled through 6 different local(ish) pilsners… the style has a close place to my heart for sure.  This one makes no bones about it… at 5.2% abv and 26 IBUs, it shines as a fantastic refreshingly crisp example of the style, using only the finest ingredients – this beer is certainly Reinheitsgebot certified!

We couldn’t go without honoring Major William Mason – Revolutionary War officer and purchaser of the city of Mason’s first 16 lots of land – with his own beer.  To commemorate the city’s founder, our German Pilsner will proudly serve as The Major.  Crafted with a regiment of German malts and hops, the pilsner has a complex aroma of mild spice, biscuit, and floral tones.  The flagship beer leads with a full-bodied, smooth feel but commands a refreshingly dry and crisp finish.  Salute to the Major!


NIce and refreshing, this beer is an American Wheat.  5.8% ABV and 20 IBUs… it’s all about the yeast here.

Near the turn of the 19th century, the Treaty of Greenville provided an era of civility that allowed the settlers of Mason to peacefully establish their homesteads.  Treaty, our American Wheat, reflects that concept of harmony as it brings together a complex assemblage of ingredients and delivers a deliciously smooth experience.  From the biscuit, bread, and toffee beginnings to the fruity and spicy finish, Treaty is one of our finest offerings.  We think you’ll agree.

War Horse

War Horse is the go-to IPA of 16 Lots.  It’s 7% ABV and 70 IBUs… I have a sneaking suspicion that there is going to be a whole lot of this beer drank in Mason this fall and winter, and well beyond!

This easy drinking IPA greets you with a rich, copper tone and a mouth-watering aroma of fruit and subtle evergreen.  The fantastic flavor opens with delicious plum, blackberry and caramel and then finishes with a clean hint of pine.  The War Horse will certainly be a reliable favorite.  Hop on!

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