Are you looking for something to do this weekend that might get you away from the hustle and bustle of all the happenings “in town”? You might want to grab the family and head out to Williamsburg then to help The Old Firehouse celebrate their third anniversary – and do your part in doing a little bit of good all the while.

The Event

The event kicks off tomorrow afternoon, starting at 2pm and going until… well… until it ends. The town of Williamsburg all comes out to support the brewery that has literally changed what the town looks like, and they do it big. They close down Main Street for a series of events designed to raise money.

  • Hippity Hop Ball Races
  • Keg Water Wars
  • Tug of War
  • Corn Hole Tournament
  • Beer Goggle Slalom

In addition to the games and events, there is also some amazing inflatable bouncers for the kids that make it out… because as always – Old Firehouse is not just a brewery – it’s a community hub of sorts, and is always family-friendly!

There will be food trucks for when you get hungry – and of course specialty beers on tap (along with the staples) for when you get thirsty. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to get out there – I think you can do a lot worse than making it happen this weekend!

Why It’s Worth Your Time

I mean… number one, it’s worth your time because it’s Old Firehouse. There are not a lot of places that have embraced, and been embraced by their community quite to the level that OFB has. But… if that’s not enough to convince you, then you might like to know that the event supports a good cause too. Originally scheduled to support the Williamsburg police and fire departments, they have changed things up a little bit due to recent events.

All proceeds from the outdoor events will go to the family of Williamsburg Police officer Steven Halkiu. If you have been watching the news lately you might be familiar with the accident that officer Halkiu’s wife was recently in with their children, during which she lost their unborn baby. Although she’s been released from the ICU, his wife is still in the hospital. I don’t want to dwell on the sadness about what the family is going through too much – with a baby at home right now, it makes me tear up even thinking about the thought of losing one – what I will instead talk about is how important this is.

THIS is craft beer. This is what makes a place like Old Firehouse special to me.

I don’t know how many people still don’t understand that it’s not always about what is in your glass… the community support, the support of people… It’s all part of a bigger picture that makes craft beer special. Show your love, and be there. Tell Old Firehouse how much it means to you to see them doing things the right way by having a few beers, making a few new friends.

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