Woah… so if you’ve been getting antsy for new cans to hit the shelves from Christian Moerlein, this is going to wind up being a really good month for you.  I’ve written about all three of these (yeah, they’re releasing three beers in cans this month) separately, but we’ve got dates on them all now, and I wanted to make sure none of it slips through the cracks for you!


Not only did this release already happen, I’m assuming that since I just got done telling you about it the other day, it’s still fresh in your mind and that you won’t forget about it.  Either way, the recap is that this is the first year that Moerlein is canning their award winning Doppelbock.  It’s hitting 12oz cans, and if you missed the taproom party on the 12th, you’ll find these hitting shelves soon!

Power Stoutage

I fired off the hint that this beer might be coming soon the other day, and while sometimes we wait a long time for confirmation about a release, this one didn’t take long at all.  My email inbox was happy today to get a press release for Christian Moerlein’s latest seasonal rotating can.  Stout fans across Cincinnati can rest easy knowing that they’ll be able to snag a six pack (or three) of this latest one starting this Friday, January 19th in the Moerlein taproom.

Big Hazy IPA

This one is pretty exciting.  I wrote about this label approval quite a while back, and now we’ve finally got a date to go along with this psychedelic artwork covered 16 oz can.  I can’t wait to see Moerlein’s take on this style – NE IPAs are clearly more than just a quick flash in the pan… we haven’t even seen the start of what this style can look like!  You’ll be able to snag four packs of these in the Moerlein Taproom on January 26th, so mark your calendars appropriately!

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