If you missed the first bottle release from Paradise Brewing I feel terrible.  I mean, it’s not completely my fault.  After all, I did tell you that Wrath of the Tsar was worth your hard-earned time and money for a lot of reasons that didn’t even touch the fun little hats that the bottles were wearing.  If you don’t want to be left in the dust again, you need to pay attention here – they’re planning on release number two and it’s fast approaching.

Let’s start with the beer before I get to some of the specifics then… shall we?

Lord Lucky

Let’s start with the description that you’ll find on the bottle itself:

Lord Lucky ruled his Withamsville Empire for 15 years.  His fondness for the finest grapes was the inspiration for our tribute.  This imperial Brown Ale was aged in wine barrels for 5 months to produce an oak forward libation with hints of red wine from Napa Valley.  Enjoy with a thick cut of steak!

The beer comes in at 9% and as the label tells you is a big Imperial Brown ale that the brewery put into red wine barrels from Shumrick and Leys.

From what they are telling me it worked wonders on the beer, changing it well beyond what they anticipated (in a good way!).  The beer dried out significantly and took on a huge oak aroma and flavor presence.

The beer is packaged in 22oz bottles, but there aren’t a ton of these available (less than 500 were bottled).  You can snag one for $9.95 plus tax in the taproom on September 1st.

I can’t tell you loudly enough… DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS!

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