I just wrote last night about Streetside’s upcoming anniversary (make sure you know about that) but this week’s episode of the brewcast is about a lot more than just them celebrating another year. The brewery is in the middle of a phase in their life where they are getting to settle in, and really figure out who they are and what that looks like for us as drinkers and fans.

The last time we were out at Streetside to talk to owner Garrett Hickey, he talked a lot about their wood aged program, and the decision that they are in a lot of ways forced to make to lean into the sours, or the big bourbon barrel aged beers. This episode dives even deeper into the philosophy behind the decision and what it means for the actual people that are making these beers for us.

Guests This Week

  • Garrett Hickey – Streetside Brewery

From The Beer Fridge

  • Streetside – Barrel Aged Sour Honey Blonde Ale

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