Sometimes scheduling doesn’t work out – it’s often that life takes over, family takes over and it just doesn’t work. This week? My guest that was supposed to be on the show let me down though… I was up a certain creek, without a paddle.

This is why we have friends.

The guys over at March First shot me a message as soon as they heard what I was going through, and said they’d be happy to jump on the show and chat. I ran over, eager to hang out over a beer and talk about whatever came into the conversation – after all… I’m a huge fan. Between the brewery, distillery, taprooms, let alone their little “side project” podcast called Shift Beers?

There is a lot we could talk about… and a lot we did.

If you want to know more about March First, obviously you can read about them here on the website, or if you wanna do things the official way, they’ve got their own website too.

As for that Shift Beers Podcast I mentioned? You should definitely head over and subscribe to that – it’s on Apple and probably wherever else you listen to your podcasts, too!

Guests This Episode

  • Chris Paquette – March First
  • Bryan Fisher – March First

From The Beer Fridge

  • Dubbel Chin – Belgian Style Dubbel

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