This week is a big one for the folks out at the Casual Pint in Hamilton, and as you know from how many times I’ve found myself recording shows out in Hamilton in the last few months – I’m in love with the city and how hard it’s working to turn their downtown area into a destination for folks all across Cincinnati.

If you do the math – it means I’m thrilled to get back out and record at Casual Pint during their anniversary celebration!

The Cincinnati beer news has had plenty of big things happening, with the biggest for me probably being the word finally hitting the streets that Warped Wing is about to open up a new location in Mason. I sat down with Casual Pint’s Andy Foltz (you remember that guy, right?) and we talked about not just their celebration, but dove in deep to the Warped Wing news, too. The conversation quickly moved into some of the other “outside breweries” that we’ve seen come into town, and what makes non-cincy breweries become part of the scene or not.

It’s a big conversation that I can guarantee we aren’t done having on the Brewcast!

Guests This Episode

  • Andy Foltz – Casual Pint, Hamilton

From The Beer Fridge

  • Christian Moerlein – Wootz, Oktoberfest
  • Sonder – Strawberry, JalapeƱo Record Hop

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