I never really seem to learn my lesson about recording shows on location from loud events, do I? This episode is packed full of the chaos you would expect from trying to record during a beer festival. It’s loud, a little disorganized, yet a ton of fun. I chatted with a few folks that I’ve been wanting to get on the show and had a great time doing it!

Guests This Episode

  • Jon Newberry – Wiedemann Brewing Company
  • Steve Huber – Wild Ohio Brewing
  • Rachel Hopkins – CinBev
  • Darrin Wilson – Northwood Cider
  • “Turtle” – Turtles Brew

From The Beer Fridge

  • Fifty West – West Coast IPA
  • Wiedemann – Pickle
  • Wild Ohio – Original Tea
  • Moerlein – Pilsner
  • Northwood Cider – Gem
  • Turtles Brew – Orange/Vanilla

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