My inbox audibly giggled when it got this press release today. Come to think of it that might have been me laughing. To say that I’m excited about this is a pretty big understatement, and I ran to my computer to work on this to share the news with you. MadTree is planning its third location, and it might be oozing more of its personality than any of its current spaces.

The New Space: Parks and Rec

This new location is awaiting a couple of final pieces to fall into place, but with the Blue Ash City Council scheduled to vote on it tomorrow… things are moving fast and getting really exciting. This new space is located in more than 15,000 square feet of a former airplane hangar space in the heart of Blue Ash’s Summit Park development.

When MadTree is done with the space, it will become what they’re calling an ‘Outdoor Recreation Destination’. A brewery/restaurant surrounded by one of the city’s most popular park settings.

Why It’s Very ‘MadTree’

MadTree loves projects like this when they expand. This new location continues the tradition that started with their first location of finding old spaces and repurposing them into something that can have a new life. I don’t think it hurts that it’s also in an airplane hangar which continues the personality of their main taproom in Oakley (dubbed 2.0), which features a massive hangar space that houses their brewing operations.

Things are kicked up a whole other notch with this space, though. While plans are definitely still in development, they are expecting to bring a lot of outdoor activities into this space to resonate heavily with their love of the outdoors. You can expect things like cornhole, extensive outdoor seating, and walking trails around the space. The planned taproom features indoor/outdoor areas, private rental space, and much more – including the incredible beer, food, and cocktails we’ve come to expect from these folks.

What Are We Waiting On?!

Things are close. The city has been searching for a while for the perfect place to take over the former airplane hangar space – and I can’t help but think that MadTree is an absolutely perfect fit. The vote from the City Council tomorrow will put a stamp on things and allow the City Manager to enter into a lease agreement with the brewery putting it all in motion.

From there, it will still take a little while before things start happening – but you can always follow along by following MadTree on the new Parks and Rec page of their website – or the Parks and Rec Instagram page!

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