If you missed the dinosaur that hung out in the Rhinegeist taproom in 2018, you missed something cool. Luckily for you (really, for all of us), the brewery is teaming up with the Cincinnati Museum Center again to create an event (and a collaborative brew) that bring together prehistory and modern craft beer.

About The Beer, Called Tiktaalik

Before you know about the beer, you have to know about the fish. This isn’t a fish that you’ll see swimming the depths of the Ohio River, though. Tiktaalik lived 375 million years ago and was first discovered in Arctic Canada. This fossilized fish provides incredible insights into the features of animals that went from swimming fish to four-legged vertebrates.

This incredible prehistoric fish will be featured in the Cincinnati Museum Center’s new ‘Ancient World Hiding in Plain Sight’ exhibit with other fossils to help guests explore ancient Paleozoic ecosystems.

When the museum and Rhinegeist started talking about a new collaboration beer, it quickly jumped to the top of the list as inspiration.

The beer that they settled on is a Cold Double IPA hopped with Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic, and Talus hops to give it a bright citrus and tropical note that pairs up perfectly with the style’s easy drinkability and crisp personality.

The Release

You’ll get your first chance to snag this new beer in the Rhinegeist taproom in September. The brewery will be pairing it up with a sneak peek at the Museum Center’s fossil collection in a cool mini-exhibit that will be open in the taproom itself towards the end of the month.

The Museum is going to also make sure that the beer is available at their exclusive events, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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