I LOVE this event every year. Sonder and Friends Oktoberfest perfectly represents what I love about craft beer, and I make sure to fire up the podcast every year to celebrate. I sat down with Justin and Danny from Sonder and friends Mark (and Amy later) from Common Beer Company and Brian from BC’s Brewing Co.

We drank a bunch of Oktoberfest beer and just sort of let the conversation take us wherever it wanted to!

Guests This Episode

  • Danny Herold – Sonder
  • Justin Neff – Sonder
  • Mark Lortz – The Common Beer Co
  • Brian Brownlow – BCs Brewing Co
  • Amy Lortz – The Common Beer Co

From The Beer Fridge

  • Sonder – Oktoberfest
  • Common Beer Co – Festicuffs

For the full video version of this episode – head over here to YouTube!

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