Blank Slate had a relatively short life in the overall grand scheme of Cincinnati beer, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t leave their mark on the community. They were never the biggest distributor of beer in packaging around Cincinnati, but those distinctive cans will bring a lot of memories to any cincinnati beer fan that has plenty of them locked in their mind from the brewery’s life.

Blank Slate beer might not be around anymore – but it lives on right here, were I have tried my best to compile some notes about their packaged releases.

12oz Cans

12oz Bottles

Large Format Bottles

  • Determination (With Triple Digit)
  • Fruition (With Triple Digit)
  • Peppermint Stout (With Quaff Brothers)
  • Quaffanator (With Quaff Brothers)
  • Ryesing Up
  • Savage Blank (With Quaff Brothers)
  • Space Taxi #21 (With Quaff Brothers)