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Cincinnati’s beer scene has been growing exponentially over recent years, and it’s been an absolute joy for craft beer drinkers to enjoy the places that opened up during that explosion. For other drinkers, though… namely cider, it’s been a little slower going.

Several breweries around town have launched cider brands, but those brands have mostly fizzled out (especially when seltzer took off), leaving cider fans out of luck and thirsty. Too many of them are forced to turn to out of state, or non-local brands to satisfy their cravings for the delicious beverage that they’ve fallen in love with.

The partners behind Northwood Cider (Darrin Wilson, Joe Klare, and their spouses Robin Krehbiel and Keyu Yan) came into town as a savior for those folks, launching Northwood Cider in Norwood as a full-on cidery to provide cider fans with their spot.

What Makes Northwood Cider Special

It’s not hard to stand out when you’re the only one doing something in town, but Northwood wasn’t content on being good because they’re just the only ones. They wanted to solidify themselves as Cincinnati’s cider company and knew they had to do things the right way if they wanted to elevate themselves to that position.

They use only 100% real, fresh pressed apples, botanicals, and fresh fruit to make their products, which clearly shows. This dedication to quality ensures that when someone walks in their door for the first time, regardless of whether they’re already a cider fan, they get the best experience possible.

It’s special because they get it. They believe that cider has its place amongst all the great craft beer that already exists here and are willing to work hard to carve out its niche in Cincinnati.

What You’re Drinking

It should be noted that Northwood Cider is a great place to visit, not only if you’re already a cider fan but also if you’re a bit “cider-curious,” too. They brew a full lineup of products that span the whole gamut of what cider can be and never stop experimenting with new things. Whether you’re looking for something a little sweet and drift towards their ‘Gem’ or something a little drier like their ‘1903’, you’ll find the perfect thing to satisfy yourself.

If you venture into their taproom and realize that maybe cider isn’t for you, or someone in your group just puts their foot down on it and demands a beer, Northwood won’t let you down, either.

While they’re steadfast on being a cidery and have no desire to add beers to their lineup, they do also provide a few local options on tap for folks who just want some craft beer.

The Complete Northwood Cider Timeline

  • November, 2022 – Northwood opens its doors In Norwood, Ohio.
  • April, 2023 – The cidery releases its first cans.
  • September, 2023 – Northwood begins distribution into Kentucky.

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All About Northwood Cider

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