It shouldn’t be much of a surprise to see FigLeaf beer in packaging.  The brewery made it pretty clear before they even opened that a huge part of their business plan was to do whatever they could to get their beer into the hands of both Cincinnati and Dayton beer drinkers.  It’s no easy task to bridge the gap between two beer communities the way they plan to.

The move into packaging for FigLeaf started with some mobile canning runs of a few of their most popular taproom beers, but their bottled beers kicked off soon after with their first barrel-aged beers (Anniversary One and Barrel-Aged Black Solstice on Black Friday 2017).  

Soon afterward, the brewery greenlit a series of bottles that were more “regular releases” making packaging much more quickly adaptable than lining up a mobile canner.

A canning line came in 2018 with their partnership with Wild Ohio and we started to find regular canned releases from the brewery in a much wider footprint (and much more regularly!).

In 2019 it was announced that FigLeaf was getting purchased by March First – which started a much bigger plan for production – including a huge presence of Blackberry Fizz (renamed Blackberry Breeze, and with new flavors). The beer releases slowed down for a while, as the seltzer production really started to take off.

They’re certainly not done, though – you’ll soon see plenty more FigLeaf beers hitting shelves near you, soon enough!

My Figleaf Beer Tasting Notes