There are a lot of ways to enjoy Fretboard beer – namely by stopping by one of their two taprooms in Blue Ash or Hamilton, Ohio. However… as we all know at this point the experience of beer should never be limited to one (or two) spots, and their lineup of packaged beers makes it a lot easier for you to fit them into your busy life.

Whether you’re filling a cooler or a fridge, their lineup of 12 or 16oz cans will fit nicely into the situation at hand. With everything from their core lineup of “go-to’s” to some really killer special released barrel-aged beer – you never know what fretboard beer will find it’s way to the shelf at your local bottle shop!

You can (and should) be following these guys on social media for the latest releases – just in case I forget to tell you about one!

My Fretboard Beer Tasting Notes