It’s often cited as the oldest “Craft Brewery” in Cincinnati, and when they opened they only sold their beer in 64 ounce growlers, even at their retail locations, but as soon as Mt. Carmel Brewing Company started offering their packaged beer you could be sure that Mt. Carmel Beer was in the fridges of beer drinkers all across this city… mine included.

As the beer scene here in Cincinnati has started to shift, grow and change, so has Mt. Carmel.  The brewery now bottles their core line up, some of their “Snapshot Series” of beer as well as the “Taproom Series” of rarer offerings.  You can be sure that as the brewery continues to grow and evolve you’ll find them pushing their own boundries and releasing beers that you’ll love to drink.

The Core Series
The Seasonal Series
Snapshot Series
Taproom Series
Special Releases
Collaboration Beers

Retired Beers