Volume two of Cincy Brewcast is a crazy one. We had settled into a schedule – we were comfortable(ish) with what the show is, what the show is not, and how to keep growing that. We started with a whirlwind – and then halfway through the season, Mike died. There was never any question about whether I would continue – it was unavoidable… I love this too much. But what does that mean?

I took over the role as show “host” and kept it rolling, though with more than our fair share of struggle. There was a lot of new learning – a lot of very understanding friends and guests… and it kept going. The show kept evolving, and we made it work.

Then? Then I went and had a kid. The season ended with a big break (and a lesson learned from that, too). Like I said – Whirlwind.

This season’s fun stats – we drank 125 beers with 77 different guests.