Label Approval

October 2020 Label Approvals

You know the drill by now, right? I may be terrible about getting these up in a timely fashion, and just as bad about updating them on a regular basis, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love label approvals. While these don’t guarantee that the breweries that you see below will release any of […]

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Label Approvals – May 2020

These are always fun for me. As breweries get approval for their labels through the Federal TTB system they also become available for me to show to you. The rub is that some breweries aren’t ready for us to see what their future plans might be – so, my solution is to hide them away

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January 2020 Label Approvals

I don’t know how interesting this is for everyone… but I love seeing what beers that our local breweries have gotten label approval for. I get a few places that don’t want me to share what they’ve got in the pipeline sometimes… so my way to sneak around that is to make a super-secret page

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More Rhinegeist Cans?

It was starting to seem like Rhinegeist was comfortable with their can lineup for a while.  Bottles seemed to be all we were getting front the brewery as far as new releases go.  Then almost as soon as that thought entered my brain, sort of like they were listening ot my thoughts – Rhinegeist starts

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