Volume three of Cincy Brewcast is a special one for me. This was the season where I started to get comfortable in my new shoes as the host of the show. It was still not without its own version of Chaos, of course. In February (our new seasons start in March), my wife and I had our first baby, so a huge part of my life was just figuring out out to manage the time of running a blog, a podcast, working a full-time job, and still being a good Dad and Husband.

The season, though is great for me to listen back to! Live events, the first “real” episodes from my home “studio” it was a lot of me figuring out how to make sure that I can constantly adapt to whatever, or wherever this show will take us.

The stats: we drank 95 different beers with 72 different guests over the 32 episodes of this season. That’s impressive!